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Michael Lohan's been logging some quality father-daughter time with Lindsay this week, hanging on the set of her new flick, Labor Pains.

Little did he know he'd end the week starring in his own potential blockbuster, let's call it Paternity Pains, featuring a girl who may be Lindsay's secret sister.

The elder Lohan is shooting down a claim that he fathered a girl with another woman while he was separated from ex-wife Dina Lohan.

Speaking to E! News today, Michael Lohan admited to having a relationship with a woman named Kristi, whom he met in Houston. He said they reconnected in 1995, while he and Dina were on the rocks.

"I was with her twice," he says. "Then 10 years later, while I was in jail, she called me and told me that her husband at the time turned up negative in the paternity test, and she told me that meant I was the father.

"I haven't seen [the woman] for 13 years. I believed her at first but now, out of nowhere, she's gone public. This is a woman with a lot of issues, I don't know if I can trust her," he continues, adding that the girl's name is Ashley.

"My lawyers are working on this. There's going to be a paternity test."

Which would suit Kristi Kaufmann, the object of Lohan's past affection, just fine.

"He was supposed to take a paternity test seven years ago but he disappeared off the face of the earth," the 44-year-old massage therapist who's currently living in Florence, Mont., told E! News Friday. "I need to find a really good lawyer. I’m looking into it.  I just want this to be resolved and the truth to be told."

"It’s just too much to take," Kaufmann said. "The truth will come out. I have letters from years ago that prove it; I saved it all. I had a feeling this would happen one day. He’s trying to save his own butt.

"He’s never physically met [Ashley].  They’ve spoken on the phone many times."

Asked if he wrote such letters, Lohan says: "I don't know, I can't remember. Of course there were correspondence, but I can't remember what they said."

Kaufmann said that she first met Lohan in the 1980s through a friend and they didn't make another connection until 1994.

"We saw each other for a month, then he took off again. I gave him an open door and didn’t speak to him again until ’97 when he was in jail and I told him about Ashley," who was born in 1995.

And apparently a paternity test wasn't the only thing Lohan promised her and Ashley, who is an aspiring singer, according to Kaufmann.

"He was going to do for Ashley what he did for Lindsay’s career, the whole thing," she said.

But while Ashley may have dodged a bullet in that respect, the 13-year-old is at least relieved that her family ties have finally gone public, her mom said.

"She’s been waiting for this for a very long time. She’s very angry with what Michael has done to her over the past several years."

After this whole thing blew up, "I called and left him a scathing message. He’s called several times today but we’re not answering. When you stand up to Michael you get viciously and verbally assaulted. Dina is going to know who I am."

But not in the way that the world knows who Dina is, Kaufmann added.

"I’m not looking for the fame, I don’t care about that, that’s not what I want," she said. "I want support for my daughter, I want the truth to be known and I want her siblings to know who she is so that if they want a relationship with her than it's there.”

Michael, 48, and Dina, 45 married in 1985 and had four children together—Lindsay, who turns 22 next Wednesday; Michael Jr., 20; Ali, 14; and Cody, 12—before divorcing in 2007. The two youngest kids star with their mom on E!'s Living Lohan.

"Those are [Ashley's] siblings and she would love to meet them," Kaufmann said. "It was one fo the things that has made me so angry with Michael is that he has denied her family and medical history."

Lindsay, meanwhile, continues her postrehab comeback with a guest stint on Ugly Betty and the in-production Labor Pains.

Speaking of the latter, Michael Lohan tells E! News that he got permission from his probation officer to fly to L.A. this week to be with his oldest child.

"I visited Lindsay on set a number of times, and we hung out in her trailer," he says. "It was so good being with her, spending a lot of time together. She's better than I've seen her in a long, long time."

—Additional reporting by Matthew Donnelly and Whitney English

(Originally published June 27, 2008 at 1:30 p.m. PT.)

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