The WAGS Miami ladies are channeling their "inner stripper!"

In the preview from Sunday's episode, Ashley Nicole Wheeler visits a sex shop with the help of besties Darnell Nicole and Faven Liuget.

"I wanted to come to Spice of Life to get a garter belt for my wedding day," Ashley says. "I need to get some sexy stuff for my soon-to-be husband."

"Do the strippers come here to get their s--t?" Ashley asks the shop workers.

"Do they use this pole? Is it sanitary?" Faven asks.

WAGS Miami 203


It's not long before Darnell tries on a pair of sassy stripper heels so she can channel her "inner stripper." "What's my stripper name?" she asks. "Diamond," Ashley says.

Then Ashley tries on a colorful wig. "You're like Rainbow Brite the hood version," Darnell jokes.

That's when Darnell starts feeling herself and does a runway walk in her heels. "If I had me a man, girl, I'd be like, ‘How you doin'?'" LOL!

Watch the hilarious clip above!

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