These best friends are facing off.

In this tense clip from Sunday's season finale of WAGS Miami, Darnell Nicole calls out Ashley Nicole Roberts during their Croatia trip for being insensitive in the midst of her difficult split from Reshad Jones. But Ashley, who recently got engaged to Philip Wheeler, isn't sure how to approach her longtime BFF.

"I want her to know that I'm here for her, and I love her," she tells Vanessa Cole. "But this is a weird situation for me because I'm at my happiest time in my life right now. I'm about to get married, I'm planning my wedding and she's doing the opposite."

Ashley decides it's best to have a private conversation with Darnell, who doesn't hesitate to let her know exactly how she feels.

"I know you're not being malicious, and that's the point," she explains. "You don't even know when you're hurting me. Like, I can't take it anymore! I'm f--king struggling here. I'm just trying to survive right now."

Darnell continues, "I love you, Ashley, and I know you're not a bad person. I'm in the process of trying to put my life back together, trying to figure me out. I don't have the patience or the capacity to teach somebody else how to treat me."

Check out the clip above to see Ashley's reaction!

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