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The battle between the wives and the girlfriends is on!

On this Sunday's WAGS season two premiere episode, the ladies head to Palm Springs for Barbie Blank's bridal shower. But the fun trip quickly turns tense when Sophia Pierson confronts Sasha Gates about her "condescending" comments about Sophia's sister Olivia Pierson and her cousin Natalie Halcro.

"Sasha I don't like that you're mean to my family," Sophia says.

"And how so?" Sasha asks.

"I'm up here and you're down here," Sophia and Natalie respond.

Sophia then says that all she's asking is for Sasha to "acknowledge" what she said.

"When I say that I'm up here and you guys are down here, I don't mean it to be condescending," Sasha tells them.

But the ladies aren't buying it! See their reaction to Sasha's comments in the video above!

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