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It was an explosive WAGS season two premiere!

The hit E! show returned on Sunday and the premiere episode was packed with shocking moments. From Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson getting their vaginas steamed to Autumn Ajirotutu's heated argument with Olivia's sister and Natalie's cousin, Sophia Pierson, tensions were running high.

Sophia even asked Autumn if her relationship with her husband was "fake" during their confrontation!

How did Autumn react?

Take a look at the recap to find out and to see more OMG moments from the premiere episode!



1. Natalie & Olivia Get Their Vaginas Steamed:

Olivia has heard a lot of "buzz" about vagina steams, so she takes Natalie with her to get it done.

"I've heard a lot buzz about a vagina steam, it's kind of like an oxygen facial for your vagina," Olivia explained. "So I thought I would bring Natalie along with me because I like keeping my ween clean and steamed."



2. Sasha Gates Throws Barbie Blank a Bridal Shower:

Even though Barbie Blank only planned on inviting Olivia, Natalie and Nicole Williams to her wedding, Sasha Gates decides to throw her a bridal shower.

"I feel like I'm definitely caught in a bad spot," Barbie says. "I love Sasha but I had no intention on inviting all the girls expect for Natalie, Nicole and Olivia."

But Sasha doesn't know she's not invited and tells Barbie she wants to throw her a bridal shower in Palm Springs because she couldn't make it to her bachelorette party.

On the way to Palm Springs, Barbie asks the other ladies, "How am I gonna tell Sash she's not invited?"

"You're not going to you're going to get drunk and invite her," Nicole tells Barbie.

3. Sophia Runs Around Naked:

After Olivia and Natalie steal the clothes off of Sophia's body, she's completely naked! In order to get her clothes back she run around chasing Olivia and Natalie.



"Every time we get together with the girls someone always gets naked," Barbie jokes.

4. Sophia Confronts Sasha About Her Past Comments:

Sophia wants to defend her sister and her cousin, so while everyone is having dinner in Palm Springs she asks Sasha to "acknowledge" what she said.

"Sasha, I don't like that you're mean to my family," Sophia says.

"And how so?" Sasha asks.

"I'm up here and your down here," Sophia and Natalie say.

"All I'm asking for is can you just please like acknowledge it?" Sophia asks.



Sasha tells them that she doesn't mean it to be "condescending" and she doesn't think she's "better than" them.

"Get over it, you're fine," Sasha says. "If you don't have thick skin then you're just not built for this kind of life."



5. Nicole Asks Why Autumn Didn't Come to Palm Springs:

When Autumn doesn't come to Palm Springs, everyone starts to wonder where she is.

"Can I just ask, it's so weird to me that Autumn isn't here," Nicole says. "It's just weird that we haven't heard from her. Where is she?"

"She has the twins and trying to get settled," Sasha explains.

"I feel like that's her thing for everything, it's like, 'My kids, my kids, my kids,'" Barbie says. "But it's like, you haven't been there for anything."

When Sasha tells the ladies "let's not judge," Natalie says that Autumn "has 100 percent judged us on every single level of our entire lives."

"I really think that Autumn should be here in Palm Springs for Barbie," Nicole says. "At the end of the day, they were great friends and there's no reason why she shouldn't be here. I guess she hates Natalie more than she likes Barbie?"



6. Natalie Talks About Her Split:

Olivia and Natalie have done a bit of a role reversal recently. Olivia who spent most of season one single, is now dating Jacksonville Jaguars football star Marcedes Lewis, while Natalie and her boyfriend, football star Shaun Phillips are on a break.

"It's crazy that like you were the one, the like hopeless romantic that wanted a relationship, had like a drought with guys and now you're going on a date and I'm sitting here," Natalie says.

"I always thought Natalie and Shaun would end up together, but they haven't talked in a while and Natalie's not the same without him," Olivia explains.

When Olivia suggests that Natalie call Shaun, she tells Olivia that it's "not the time."

7. Sophia Asks Autumn If Her Relationship Is "Fake":

After the trip to Palm Springs, Sasha tells Autumn what was said about her. So when Autumn comes face-to-face with the ladies at a party, they get into a heated argument.

"So how are you and Seyi?" Sophia asks Autumn.

"We're fabulous," Autumn says.

"Good. So is your relationship fake as well?" Sophia asks, addressing what happened last season when Autumn accused Natalie of having a "fake" relationship.

"No I've been married for four years," Autumn replies. "Yeah going on five."

"Yeah that's a fun thing to say about my cousin," Sophia tells Autumn.



Autumn then explains that she was only talking about Sophia's family "because of what I heard."

"OK do you know what I saw on Google?" Sophia asks in attempt to bring up rumors surrounding Autumn and her husband.

"You believe you read? Because it's just like it's not that deep," Autumn tells Sophia.

When Natalie, Olivia, Tia Shipman and Nicole hear the argument going on, they come over to see what's happening. That's when Natalie steps in to confront Autumn about her comments about her relationship.

"I don't have anything to f--king say," Autumn tells Natalie.

"That's really f--king convenient," Natalie says.

Then when they realize they're not making any progress with the argument, Natalie, Olivia, Sophia, Barbie, Tia and Nicole decide to leave.

"Well that was awkward," Sasha says to Autumn when the ladies leave.

"I'm back," Autumn replies.

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