The power struggle between Brittainy Taylor and Shannon Ford is real and very palpable!

In this clip from Sunday's all-new episode of Very Cavallari, Kristin Cavallari's Uncommon James team is still struggling to get along. Specifically, Brittainy and Shannon are butting heads over how to decorate their office space at the new store.

"I feel like this is more condescending than it is communal right now," the frustrated store manager states to the crew.

Shannon moves quickly to defend that "everyone else might like this stuff," but Brittainy is having none of it. "Right, but if we are a communal space don't you think it'd be fun to do it together?" the Philadelphia native snaps back.

Very Cavallari, 102, Brittainy, Shannon


In an attempt to ease the tension, assistant Reagan Agee suggests Brittainy take a "chill pill." Sadly, this remark does not help settle things between Brittainy and Shannon, as their fight only escalates further. While Brittainy accuses Shannon of being "dramatic" and hating work, the social media director retaliates by calling Kristin's right hand a "cry baby."

"I don't know, you just irk my nerves sometimes," Shannon further adds. "And I'm vocal about it, sorry you're not."

Unsurprisingly, this feud is a major problem as it's hindering the big move into The Hills alum's new store. Upon arriving at Uncommon James, Kristin discovers the girls didn't label a single box, like she had previously requested.

"No labels?" a shocked Kristin grills her employees. "Like, you guys were like, 'Oh screw it!' You didn't think I was serious? Like, I don't understand that, how no one gets that done."

"Can I fire them?" Jay Cutler jokingly asks his wife.

"Please do," Kristin pointedly retorts.

"Gladly," the NFL star notes with glee.

Watch the drama play out in the clip above!

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