Learning from the best!

In this clip from Wednesday's all-new Total Divas, Lana gets one-on-one training from Bryan Danielson (known professionally as Daniel Bryan) ahead of her big Money in the Bank ladder match.

"Would you be scared to have a ladder match?" Lana asks an on looking Brie Bella.

"I would love to do one," Birdie's mom responds. "I'd be nervous, but I think it'd be awesome."

As Brie's husband has been in many ladder matches throughout his career, he is the perfect person to teach Lana skills for her multi-person match. And, from what is shown in the clip above, Lana has a lot to learn!

"Okay, nope. You don't do one at a time," Bryan advises the blonde WWE star. "It's too slow."

Lana, Total Divas 807


Since "a lot of things can go wrong" during a ladder match, it's vital that Lana listens to Bryan's sage advice.

"There's so many things to this ladder match, there's so many techniques that you need to learn," Lana admits in a confessional. "How to open it quickly, how to close it quickly."

However, it appears Lana is picking up on the new techniques quickly as she earns praise from both Brie and Bryan. Nonetheless, she's still nervous about her upcoming match.

"Thank god I have more days to practice with Bryan," Rusev's wife concludes later on.

Watch Lana and Bryan's ladder match practice in the clip above!

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