Relationships are hard to do! 

On this week's episode of Total Divas, Lana and Rusev are taking a big step in their marriage and buying a house. The couple has officially been married for one year, and to celebrate, they're buying a home in Rusev's home country of Bulgaria. 

However, due to Rusev's desire to enjoy the traditional and quiet pace of village life, and Lana's taste for the finer things in life, it's proving a bit more difficult than either of them had hoped. Well, that is until Rusev has a brilliant idea for a bet.

If Lana can survive a few tasks that a traditional Bulgarian woman would undertake, then Rusev will agree to get  the mansion that she wants. Sounds simple enough, right? "People just look at me and they judge me," Lana shares. "They're like, 'Oh my gosh. She is blonde and posts bikini pictures on Instagram. That means she's high maintenance.'"

It turns out that Rusev may know a little less about the tasks of a Bulgarian woman than he initially led on. Lucky for Lana, she wins the bet, but ultimately decides making Rusev happy in the village is better than winning a silly bet. So village life here they come! 

Nikki Bella and Brie Bella are still in New York doing some press and tying up loose ends of their budding wine and clothing businesses. However, Nikki receives exciting news that she''ll get to be on Dancing with the Stars. Brie may be happy for her sister's career opportunity, but she's very worried about what that means for their companies. 

"Birdie Bee [is] going on shelves in two months. Our wine is coming out in three weeks. How does she leave and go put full concentration into dancing with the stars," Brie shares with her husband Daniel Bryan. "It makes me nervous that I'm going to have to be in full control of everything."

Nikki assures her sister that her priorities will still stay in tact while she's competing, but Brie ultimately decides to hold down the fort so Nikki can give all of her attention to the competition. "I want you to put all of your energy into winning and I will take over Birdie Bee and Belle Radici in the meantime," Brie tells Nikki. 

This week, Carmella and Big Cass had some big life changes occur as well. At the height of his career, Big Cass tore his ACL and learns it will take him nine months to fully recover. "My heart is just breaking for him. Cass finally has an opportunity to show the world what he's all about on his own and this happens. It's devastating." Carmella revealed.

Plus, the couple is in the middle of a big move, and with Cass' injury, Carmella is left to do all the unpacking and getting settled. Of course, her man came to the rescue (sort of) and invited her dad and sister to help her unpack. Her sister, however, may be causing more issues than she thought. 

She plants the idea in Carmella's head that Big Cass may be planning to propose to her soon. Of course Carmella wants to marry him, but she's worried that maybe this injury may have changed how he feels. "Now my sister has it in my head that it needs to happen now," Carmella revealed to Nattie Neidhart.

"I feel like I'm just going insane and turning it into now he doesn't want to marry me because he's not at work he's here by himself and he's's just overwhelming." Nattie assures her she is making a mountain out of a molehill and her and Cass are still doing solid. Does that mean a possible proposal could be coming this season?! 

Watch this week's recap video above for the full story! 

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