Time for a night on the town! 

When in New York city, do as the ladies from Sex and the City would do! The Total Divas ladies are on a mission to find Nia Jax a man, and what better way to do that then to partake in a fun party inspired by their favorite show. 

"This literally feels like my own personal episode of Sex and the City," Nia joked. "I got my outfit, I have my hair and my makeup ready." So if it's an episode of the show, then who are they all playing? Don't worry, Nikki Bella broke it down. 

"I am a massive Sex and the City fan," Nikki revealed. "If I was to name characters for everyone, I am 90 percent Samantha and 10 percent Carrie—only because I like really like cute things." She's definitely not wrong about that! 

"Brie is so Charlotte," Nikki joked. "Maryse is like a Carrie and a Charlotte. Nattie, you know what, I think Nattie has Miranda qualities but also Samantha. No, Nattie is a Miranda and a Charlotte." There you have it!

Watch the ladies channel their inner Carrie Bradshaw in the clip above! 

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