Could Nattie Neidhart and Lana's feud finally be over? It sure looks that way.

In this clip from Wednesday's all-new Total Divas, Nattie shows off her softer side after the thought of Lana getting hurt while cliff-diving in Mexico really upsets her.

"It's really concerning to me because she's diving from a really, really high cliff. We don't know if there's a rock at the very bottom or if she's gonna hit another part of the cliff. I just don't want to see Lana get hurt," Nattie worried.

Once Lana made it back on dry land, Nattie decided to make amends.

"I didn't handle things properly last night, when I took your stuff, which was very wrong. And I am very, very, very sorry," Nattie apologized. "That's not the person that I am. Yeah, we're not always gonna get along, but I'm always here for you."

Not only is their feud over, but the frenemies even managed to hug it out in the end.

Check out Nattie's heartwarming apology in the clip above.

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