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It's a bit of a mess! 

Nattie Neidhart is fed up with her parents. The WWE superstar did a good deed by buying her parents a brand new home, but she might be regretting that decision because of their recent behavior. 

"My dad has a walkie talkie, he's on the community golf cart and he's sitting with this German shepherd dog—It's just bizarre," Nattie shared. "I had a glass of wine and decided to buy my parents a house—why did I do that?"

Nattie Neidhart, Total Divas 705


While Nattie has explained her frustrations to her parents, they don't seem to care. "From the sink getting clogged from my dad pouring bacon grease down it and my mom leaving food for alligators at her front door," Nattie shared. "All of it is like everything that I asked them not to do they're doing."

She loves her parents but they are definitely driving her insane. See the hilarious moment in the clip above! 

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