Maryse is throwing down the gauntlet! 

Things get heated on the season seven premiere of Total Divas Wednesday night. New Divas star Nia Jax is prepping for her first Gauntlet match and makes the mistake of asking Maryse the wrong question. Let's just say she better put some respect on her name! 

"Have you ever done a Gauntlet match?" Nia asks Maryse innocently. But that definitely was not the right way to ask her. "You're kidding me, right?" Maryse asks incredulously. 

"Oh my God. Nia, when you come at me and you ask, 'Do you know what a Gauntlet match is?' I'm blown away because we fought..." Maryse shares before being interrupted by Nia.

"I didn't ask you if you knew what it is, I asked you if you had ever been a part of it," Nia shares. "I don't know if this is a misconstrued thing because of the language barrier." 

"This business is built on respect," Maryse cautioned her. "You don't walk to someone that's been here for 12 years and go, 'Have you ever been in a Gauntlet match?' Or come up to me last week and say, 'How does it feel to not be part of this?'"

Nia still doesn't think she has anything to be sorry for. "You're taking yourself way too seriously right now. You need to tone the ego down and calm down...I'm the wrong person to come hot at." 

See it all go down in the clip above! 

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