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It was a battle of the Bellas on Total Divas!

On Wednesday's episode, Nikki Bella and Brie Bella took an IQ test to determine who was the "smarter" twin. Before taking it, Brie said she thought her and Nikki would be "even" on taking "any type of test," but Nikki wasn't so sure.

"I don't know," Nikki said to Brie with a smirk.

"But who do you think's smarter?" Daniel Bryan asked.

"Me," Brie replied.

Bryan then challenged the twins, saying they didn't have the "guts" to take an IQ test. The twins then accepted the challenge and decided to do it.

So what were the results of the tests?

Take a look at the recap below to find out!

Total Divas, Total Divas 606


1. Brie Thinks She's "Smarter" Than Nikki:

After their attempt to see whose dog is smarter failed, the twins get the idea to see which one of them is smarter than the other.

"I mean come on, I am the smarter Bella," Brie says after she and Nikki accept Bryan's IQ test challenge. "I can care less if I beat her in this IQ test, I just really wanna work her up."

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2. Nattie Learns Her Sister "Ran Away":

Nattie Neidhart has just arrived at work when she receives a shocking phone call from her mom about her sister Jenni.

"All of a sudden I get this crazy phone call from my mom saying that Jenni went through her phone and ran away because she saw these text messages that my mom and I were sending each other," Nattie says. "The only thing that I was sending to my mom was just saying that I was worried about Jenni."

After telling her mom to get off the phone and "stabilize" Jenni, Nattie breaks down crying during a talk with WWE superstar Cesaro. But after realizing she "can't do everything for everyone," Nattie says she has to "let it go" and "focus on work" for right now.

Total Divas, Total Divas 606


3. Nikki & Brie Take IQ Test:

After Bryan finds a psychologist who also does IQ tests, he sets up an appointment for Nikki and Brie.

Nikki decides to go first and while waiting for her to finish her test Brie tells Bryan, "I just really wanna beat Nicole, like bad."

She then admits, "I went into this just to mess with my sister, but now I'm nervous."

After the test is over, Nikki asks Brie, "Who did you say, who was the president for the Civil War?"

"Uh, Teddy Roosevelt," Brie replies.

"Brie!" Nikki says.

"What'd you say?" Bryan asks Nikki.

"Lincoln," Nikki tells him.

When Brie realizes she's wrong she smirks and says, "Oh."

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4. Nattie Pays Her Friends to Come to Her Sister's Cooking Class:

Nattie wants to help her sister Jenni, so she comes up with the idea to have Jenni hosts cooking classes because she's passionate about cooking.

"I want Jenni to find a purpose, something that makes her excited about waking up in the morning and embracing her life," Nattie explains.

To help make the cooking class a success, Nattie and her mom make fliers to advertise the cooking class. Then, to help encourage more people to come and make the class a success, Nattie actually starts paying her friends, including WWE superstars, to attend!

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5. Maryse Tries to Help Trinity's Movie Anxiety:

To help take their minds off filming their movie The Marine 5 and help calm their anxiety, Maryse takes Trinity Fatu to learn trapeze. And even though Trinity admits she's a "little afraid of heights," she puts her fears aside and tries the trapeze.

After doing the trapeze Trinity tells Maryse that she's going to "think about that moment" whenever she's "scared."

Maryse then says, "I'm not gonna brag about this one but I'm really happy because I can tell that this experience just showed her that look, you can do it. Just get on set, do your part, just freakin' knock it out of the park."

And Trinity does!

Total Divas, Total Divas 606


6. Jenni Learns Nattie Paid Guests to Attend Cooking Class:

The cooking class is going really well, until one of the guests asks if they'll be getting paid every time they attend.

"Nattie, what's this all about?" Jenni asks.

After that "awkward" reveal, everyone is kicked out.

"Why are we kicking everyone out?" Nattie asks Jenni.

"Nattie, because you paid everyone to come to cooking class," Jenni explains. "So they don't even care if they're here for a class to begin with."

Jenni then tells Nattie, "The class was a success, but everything else was an embarrassment."

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7. The IQ Test Results Are Revealed:

Nikki and Brie come to the decision to not open the IQ test results and throw them out, for the benefit of their relationship. But when Nikki catches Brie trying to read the results behind her back, they both decide to see the results.

"What was your sum?" Nikki asks.

"99," Brie tells her.

"113!" Nikki yells. "In your face! I'm the smarter twin by a long run!"

After hearing the results Brie says, "We have a simple little IQ test and sure enough it is now added to the list of things that she will forever brag about. Karma literally just bit me right in the ass."

Total Divas, Total Divas 606


8. Jenni Breaks Down in Tears:

After the cooking class "disaster," Nattie has a talk with Jenni and apologizes for "hiring" the attendees. Nattie explains the reason she did it was because she wanted Jenni to feel like the class was a "success."

Jenni tells Nattie that she appreciates that she gave her this opportunity, but breaks down in tears while telling her sister that she feels as though she's saying that without her she "would be nothing."

Later on after their tearful talk, Nattie calls Jenni to tell her that she loves her and Jenni apologizes and says she "didn't mean to have a meltdown."

Jenni explains she just got "overwhelmed" and says she just doesn't want to let Nattie down, but Nattie tells her she's never let her down. Nattie then tells her to take it "one day at a time," and she wants them to get passed this and move in a positive direction and Jenni agrees.

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