Here's to new beginnings! 

On this week's episode of Total Bellas, Brie Bella and Nikki Bella have lots to celebrate! The twins are launching a new line wines and head up to Sonoma, Calif. with the family to mix a little business with pleasure. While the ladies are busy preparing for their meetings, their mom is busy meddling in their business.

"Should I do anything at the dinner?" Kathy Colace asks her daughters. "My mom doesn't think we're prepped enough for our business dinner," Nikki shares. "I understand we're younger and we haven't run a company like she has for a long time but we're definitely going to be prepared."

Brie Bella, Daniel Bryan, Total Bellas 205


Everything comes to a head during a family dinner when Kathy calls out her kids for never appreciating her. "F--k you all," she tells them before heading to bed. While the twins are busy trying to prove themselves to their mom, J.J. Garcia goes a bit too far with some pranks. 

Between placing a fart machine under the table during dinner to jumping out and scaring Nicole in the dark, the family has had enough of his antics on this episode. Even though things got pretty heated and everyone was annoyed, the girls still had an amazing time in Sonoma celebrating the launch of their new wine. 

See everything you missed in the recap video above! 

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