Don't call it a comeback! 

Wrestler and new mama, Brie Bella, is officially ready to get back in the ring. E! News caught up with the athlete and star of Total Bellas on the carpet of the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday and she spilled all the details on her highly anticipated return to wrestling since giving birth to daughter Birdie Joe Danielson

"I actually just got back in the ring last week. We went in and trained," Brie revealed. "I feel like I'm a little far back, but I was able to do some of my missile drop kicks, which felt good."

A lot of things have changed since Brie was last active in the ring, especially when it comes to her body. "It was weird to land on these boobs, because I was never used to that," Brie shared. "Welcome to my life," her sister Nikki Bella teased. 

Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Teen Choice 2017


"Did you pump and dump before you did this?" Sibley Scoles asked, referring to Brie's breastfeeding. "Oh you know it," Brie shared.

All joking aside, she is getting stronger and ready for her time to shine. "It felt so good to be back in the ring. I can't wait to make a comeback," Brie explained.

So when exactly is she expected to return? Well, if it were up to her twin sister—any day now! "SummerSlam is a week from Sunday..." Nikki persuaded. But Brie needs a little more practice. "I need more time," Brie revealed. "I'm hoping 2018 at some point." 

Catch up with the Bella sisters in the clip above! 

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