Nikki Bella is living her best life, but her family has some concerns.

On this week's all-new Total Bellas, the WWE star let her hair loose as she began settling into her newly minted single life. For starters, the Bella Twin moved into a lavish beachside rental in San Diego, a piece of property mom Kathy Colace did not approve of.

"That's just the beginning, Nicole!" Kathy warned her daughter after fans surrounded the beachfront abode. "You know she's gonna tell her friend and then another friend and another friend."

Despite Kathy's warning, Nikki decided she wanted to do a "massive block party" to kick off her move into the neighborhood. "I am loving this home," the Total Bellas star noted in a confessional. "I love how the walls just fully open. Not to mention, there's so many people around. I get to have my alone time, but yet not feel like I'm alone."

Nonetheless, Kathy wasn't the only one concerned about Nikki as Brie Bella found herself questioning her sister's spending. For example, Birdie Danielson's mom was beyond shocked when her twin rolled up in a flashy Ferrari.

"Ummm, you can't buy this!" the mother of one relayed to her twin. "I can't even believe this right now. Dude, are you okay?"

Per Brie, Nikki had been "spending a lot of money lately" and was exhibiting signs of "a mid-life crisis." Daniel Bryan's wife became even more concerned once she explored Nikki's new home.

"Pretty much what she's saying is, that, she's going through a huge crisis in her life and what will make her feel better is spending all this money to go get some humongous beach house," Brie stated later on. "All I'm saying is someone is screaming for help and I'm the only one who notices."

Unsurprisingly, Nikki chose to ignore this "hater moment" and defended that the property made her "happy." The Belle Radici boss further displayed her new playgirl ways during an outing to a cigar bar.

While Brie wasn't "digging" this outing, she joined Nikki and two of their friends for the day trip as it was clearly her sister's "form of therapy." However, Brie found herself raining on Nikki's good time when the latter suggested tattoos.

"Nicole's been really doing it up big lately," Brie quipped about Nikki. "Like in a very crazy way, very extra."

Though Brie's concerns had merit, Nikki reminded her sister that she's just trying to enjoy her "new life" and "new beginning." In order to further celebrate her freedom, Nikki followed through with her promise and threw a big party.

Even though Brie and Kathy were worried about the amount of strangers coming into Nikki's home, they conceded that John Cena's ex looked "freer."

"I kind of just feel like I'm living life and I'm doing me," Nikki concluded. "I think because for so long I didn't do that, that now that I am doing it, people just assume something's wrong."

Thankfully, Brie dropped her Nikki-based concerns as she and Bryan began focusing on how Birdie was handling their on the road schedule. After meeting with a child development specialist, the Danielsons learned that Birdie would eventually realize "mom and dad come back."

See everything else that went down on this week's episode, including Nikki's lunch date with Dancing With the Stars pro Artem Chigvintsev, in the recap video above!

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