Anyone know what Paula Deen has been up to lately? I mean besides her ongoing mission to perfect the world's first all-butter steak hoagie. Let's check in on her Twitter feed and see what she's doing.



Oh no? Oh yeah. That's Paula Deen as Lucille Ball. But who's that next to her? Why, that's her son Bobby. As Desi Arnaz aka Ricky Ricardo. In brown face. This is exactly the kind of thing someone who recently had to apologize for racially insensitive comments should post. Exactly. Nailed it. I mean, does she really have some "esplaining" to do? Because that would imply this behavior is a surprise.

The tweet was taken down shortly after the internet started loudly hissing at Paula as the internet tends to do when someone does something super stupid and racist, and rightfully so. As far as dumb ideas go, this is like standing behind a mule that's already kicked you in the face and then blowing on its butthole like a trumpet. On a related note, that's also how Paula once described her Five-Alarm Firehouse Stew.

Paula Deen's "people" explained that the post was put up by a social media manager and was actually from 2011. You know, 4 years ago when darkening your face to appear "ethnic" was a cool thing to do. However, the use of brown face (aka the new black face) isn't the only thing we took exception to in this picture. But let's start with that. Not only is it insensitive, it's inaccurate. Here's a picture of Lucy and Desi.


Is he a little darker than Lucy? I guess. I mean, he was Cuban and she was as white as a slice of Pepperidge Farm's Super-White Country White Bread. He didn't, however, have the complexion of someone who has a Mystic Tan booth built into their bed.

Also, why is he posed like that? Was Desi Arnaz known for posing like an adorable kid from an 80s sitcom. An adorable kid who decided getting his face painted brown was ok but also painting his hands was a bridge too far.

Speaking of details, is that all you're going to do for your Ricky Ricardo costume? A baggy blue shirt or pajamas or whatever that is? Have you ever seen Ricky Ricardo? He wears suits ALL THE TIME. Like, even in the scenes where he's just gotten out of bed. You could have put Bobby Deen in a suit and handed him a conga. Or a wig! No? A wig was out of the question? You're just going to paint his face brown and call it a day? Ok. That's solid. No no, he looks EXACTLY like Ricky. Good effort for someone who has never seen a picture of the person they're portraying, is simply guessing on what they look like and doesn't have the internal filter the rest of us seem to possess that says brown face is a bad idea.

And what about this? Why isn't what's his name Gordon Elliot there wearing a costume? Not enough brown face make-up left? Didn't want to try your hand at an African-American version of Fred Mertz? Hell, why isn't Paula's Lucy Haitian? Cowards. Go all in. It's called balls deep racism.

Last, but certainly not least, aren't those decorative birds a little close to the stove? Safety first, Paula...Actually, make sure what you're doing isn't a bonehead racist move first. Then safety. 

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