Over the years, live television has brought us some unforgettable moments. Moments that changed history, shocked the world, or brought us together as a culture. None of these clips did any of those things.

In honor of The Soup's LIVE episodes every Wednesday in June, we chose our favorite live TV moments. They're awkward, cringeworthy, and best of all, immortalized forever on video. They are, of course TV's all time greatest f*$@ ups and meltdowns. 

Serene Branson Reports Gibberish

People originally thought this reporter had a stroke on-air, but her speech issue turned out to be the result of a migraine. So it's ok to laugh at it. Besides, what she said was a lot more interesting than anything involving the Grammys.


Joe Namath, You're Drunk

Joe was knockin' a few back during Monday Night Football before he got in front of the camera with Suzy Kolber a few years ago. Again, what Joe had to say was a lot more interesting than watching The Jets play that night 

Jim Cramer is Mad about Money. And other stuff.

Jim Cramer is known for his over-the-top approach to the economy, but it was pretty fun to watch him passionately spiral out of control. Take away message: Invest in anxiety meds. 

Berman Pulls a Bale

Trying to read from a teleprompter is pretty tricky, especially when you've got a whole crew working just behind it. Warning: foul language. But you already knew that because Chris Berman's face looks like it's always just about to explode in a shower of brains and f-bombs. 

F it. We'll Do it L.

You knew this was coming. Who would have guessed that of all the things Bill O'Reilly has said on air throughout the years this epic, red faced look into the mind of the man who would one day rule FOX News would be his most memorable.

Be sure to tune in every Wednesday in June for LIVE episodes of The Soup at 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific on E!. We'll leave you with Sting and a cut off his new album. Take it away.

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