Who has time to think about the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce when Greg Kelly has taken our unconditional love and thrown it to the curb, as if it was just another one of Rosanna's anecdotes??

When we heard Greg was leaving Good Day New York for a more serious nighttime slot, our first thought was, "How dare he make such a monumental move without consulting us first?" Thankfully we signed a prenup, so we'll be keeping full custody of all Kelly-related clips, plus we'll beg to see Rosanna on the weekends.

Greg Kelly X2 Soup

We know Greg is beloved for going with his gut reaction, so we'll just have to trust him, and live off the precious memories—from his bitterness toward parking lot segments to his burning hatred for Chanukkah fever.

Congratulations, but really, what are you running from, Greg? You think we don't watch the evening news??

via YouTube

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