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Behind the scowl, beneath the raccoon makeup, Taylor Momsen actually has a sense of humor. Who knew?

We sure didn't. So we were prepared for the worst when the (sometimes) Gossip Girl star decided to tweet about a recent Soup goof on an old Shake N' Bake commercial featuring her 3-year-old self. 

But despite some expected criticism, she actually had something positive to say about it. Take it away, T!

Along with a link to the vid, she wrote: "hilarious! P.s. Perfect example of tabloids skewing quotes with false headlines…still funny tho"

Aww, shucks.

So, without further adieu, here is an encore presentation. Hope you enjoy it. And if you don't, just blame your Mom and Dad.

Is Taylor Momsen getting the boot from Gossip Girl? Get the real story here.

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