In case you were busy researching candidates and issues in preparation for voting this week—sorry, we meant playing Xbox—and missed your Soup, let's recap:

1. Sister Wives: Religious champion lover Kody Brown has a lot of balls in the air, what with his battalion of bedmates, and that can make for some serious insecurity among the womenfolk. Find out how he keeps his ladies feeling good. And it's not with pedicures and mylar balloons.

Don't stop now, kids, four more servings of Soup to go!

2. Audrina Patridge: When the Dancing With the Stars hottie stops by Wendy Williams, she leaves not only her charm and wisdom behind, but something that may or may not be a Lee Press-On.

3. I Love Money: Some people will do anything for what they love, and in this case it's money. With the added bonus of humiliating themselves on national television. Anyway, it's all incentive enough for self-described smarty Brittanya to share the sheets with Punisher. You do the math. Because she obviously can't.

4. Robert Downey Jr.: Acting mega-talent Bobby D drops in on Live With Regis and Kelly to talk about acting mega-talent Bobby D. Unfortunately, that's not on Reeg's agenda. From here on in, let's pretend Reeg actually has an agenda.

5. Millionaire Matchmaker: Patti Stanger makes money pimping, sorry, putting rich people together with their one true love. And, as "Simply Irresistible" crooner Robert Palmer once sang, her methods are inscrutable. If you consider superficial inscrutable.

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