Another week has passed, and Mama Hollywood has again been generous with the milk of celebrity information that flows so heavily from her swollen breast into the gaping maw of the Soup community. Let's take a look at what we discovered.

  • Those lovable Jonas Brothersreveal to Barbara Walters their key personality traits: One lad is presidential, one Mick Jaggery, and one a dreamer. Of course, Barbara is all three.
  • As we wait patiently for Miley Cyrus to spill the poop on what her favorite bean is, the fans have spoken out. It was a heated contest between refried, mung and pinto—click here to see the best bean for Miley.
  • As fans of E! programming know well, beauty and stupidity often go hand in hand. Not exactly an original lesson, but one brought to new and sexy heights on Tyra's  True Beauty when contestant Joel's inner arrogance and surface good looks make for a winning combination. 
  • Buttocks, kissing and money? Welcome to VH1 country, where I Love Money reveals what people are willing to do for a buck. In this case, locking their lips on filthy places where mommy would not approve. 
  • Finally, we found that the great big world of important news and information is but a blip on the Doppler screen in the good-timey newsroom of WKRC in Cincinnati, where freestyle rapping about squirrels and white folks boogying down are the top stories.
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