A word to the wise! 

Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) and Willow (Genevieve Gaunt) share a sweet moment on Sunday's new episode of The Royals. The queen is still busy at work trying to find King Robert (Max Brown) a wife and she gives Willow a little bit of advice when the time comes for her to find a mate. 

"Look, it's not exactly torture being queen, but it is forever," she explains. "You sacrifice a lot standing next to a member of the royal family." Willow understands what she means. After being around the royal family for a while, she knows it's not exactly the fairy tale ending one would assume. 

After taking a brief detour to see if Willow has any information about Liam's (William Moseley) latest conquest, Greta, Helena gives Willow some final advice on matters of the heart. "Speaking of, are we out in front of Liam's latest dalliance?" she asks her. "She looks like she has a nice personality." Oh burn! 

Just as quickly, she returns to her calm motherly demeanor to offer Willow a final bit of advice about love. "You're not wrong to expect your love to be true. It's nice to know a man sees you and appreciates you for you," the queen tells her. "This isn't always the greatest environment for that."

See the sweet moment in the clip above! 

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