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And the plot thickens...

Prince Liam (William Moseley) and Prince Robert (Max Brown) are at each other's throats—once again—as serious allegations are thrown around in this explosive sneak peek from Sunday's season finale of The Royals. The heated argument begins after Liam takes a trip to the deserted island where Robert was stranded and returns to accuse him of "hiding" there.

"You said you leapt at the first chance you had to come home, but I did a little research, and that boat came right past you several times," Liam tells him.

"You don't know what the hell you're talking about," Robert responds in disbelief. He then promptly points a finger right back at his little brother. "Liam, just say it. You wanted me to die on that island so you could be king," he suggests. "You hate that I came back."

But Liam tells him he has it all wrong. "I hate that you didn't come back," he says. "Because while you were hiding on that island like the damn coward that you are, I was here watching dad die."

Robert replies by taking a cheap shot at Liam and his prior relationship with Ophelia. "Don't you mean letting him die?" he asks. "Or more specifically, letting him get stabbed while you fondled the help?"

The Royals

Next thing you know, Liam launches himself at Robert, knocking him to the ground. But before he can land a punch, Jasper (Tom Austen) intervenes and pulls them apart. As Robert gets back to his feet, he arrogantly announces that the bodyguard now works for him.

"You're a liar and a coward!" Liam shouts at his brother.

But Robert hits back with another low blow. "No, I'm not," he states angrily. "I'm a king. The king! And the next time you see me, you bow!"

Liam chooses to answer that diss with a "f--k you" before storming out.

Press play on the video above to watch the heated confrontation!

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