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Things are about to go down! 

These ladies may look like glam goddesses but don't get it twisted because they are not to be trifled with. Seven women means seven strong personalities ready to defend their honor and their men when s--t hits the fan. 

Of course these ladies kept it classy but that doesn't mean they didn't have their fair share of arguments to work through. "You're gonna know what everyone's opinion is and where everyone stands," La'Myia Good shares. "We classy but verbal war is a lot more interesting."

The Platinum Life, Nazanin Mandi, LoLa Monroe, Shantel Jackson, Alycia Bella. Asiah Collins


As for who may be the ones to look out for, there may be a few feuds to wrap your head around. "You are definitely going to see [drama] with possibly myself and someone else and Asiah and someone else," Shantel Jackson teased. "And maybe a few others, but nothing that we couldn't handle."

These ladies aren't holding anything back. "Cute and classy but a little catty," Shantel dished. While the ladies try and keep it cute and classy, it's harder than it seems. "A lot of us make our efforts to keep the peace, but we're not always successful," Asiah Collins shared. "Especially me, I have my moments."

According to Alycia Bella, some ladies were very good at playing the game. "There are cameras around the whole time, so everyone is bound to get played every now and then," Alycia shared. 

See it all go down on The Platinum Life

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