What's one thing to expect from season two of The Arrangement? According to Christine Evangelista, there's going to be "a lot of drama."

E! News caught up with Christine and Josh Henderson in New York earlier this week where they dished on what's ahead for everyone's favorite couple, Kygan.

"There's a wedding being planned. Kyle and Megan are working together. Their relationship gets much more three dimensional. And we see a lot more of the institute this season and what keeps Kyle there," Christine says.

But it's not all love and marriage. With Megan on a mission to take down the institute and Kyle working on his directorial debut, there are a lot of signals being crossed.

Kyle West, Megan Morrison, The Arrangement


"At the end of season one, we see Megan's completely on a mission to take down the institute. Kyle doesn't know anything about this. He's completely in love with her, but he's also very kind of diving into directing his first film, which she's starring in. She's trying to do a great job on this film, but also figure out a way to bring the institute down, but hopefully not ruin the relationship with Kyle because we do love each other. It just makes for a crazy, crazy season because you never know who's meaning what," Josh explains.

Watch the stars dish on what promises to be an epic season two.

For more of our interview with Josh and Christine, watch E! News tonight at 7 and 11 p.m.!

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