Kyle West (Josh Henderson) and Terence Anderson (Michael Vartan) are going head to head at the shooting range.

In this clip from Sunday's season two premiere of The Arrangement, the pair gets competitive, but it's only a little brotherly bet.

"You are a dangerous man," Kyle tells Terence.

While Kyle ultimately emerges victorious, he's not opposed to taking it up a notch.

"Screw the money, let's shoot at each other," Kyle jokes.

"Are you kidding me? The last thing I need is your blood on my hands," Terence responds.

Shooting isn't the only thing these two are competitive over. It's not long before Kyle and Terence butt heads over Kyle's new movie.

"My problem is guys that have never made a movie before asking me for script changes," Kyle says.

"Yeah well, money talks," Terence snaps. "Yeah well, money should shut the hell up," Kyle responds.

"Look, Technicolor Highway is not gonna suffer from a little more Kyle West and it's asses in the seats and that's good for everybody," Terence insists.

But Kyle isn't worried about the money or his fame, he's worried about making amends for his dark past.

"Asses are gonna be in the seats because it's a great movie, not because I'm in it," Kyle stresses.

See the intense conversation go down in the clip above.

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