She still hasn't forgotten! 

Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista) and Kyle West (Josh Henderson) are supposed to tie the knot on The Arrangement season two. At the end of last season, it was uncertain if Megan was even going to go through with it. You know, considering the fact that she's planning the destruction of the Institute For the Higher Mind. However, it looks like all is forgiven...or so it seems. 

"Tonight is extra special, because we're here to celebrate the engagement of two people I care about deeply—the shining lights of this family," Terence Anderson (Michael Vartan) shares in his engagement toast. "And the beautiful wedding that we're all going to be a part of."

While everyone's thoughts are preoccupied with the couple's soon-to-be wedding, Megan has other things on her mind. Things like her kidnapping, forced indoctrination and the fact that she's legally contracted to marry the man that let it all happen. 

While she seemed confident in her decision to burn the whole thing to the ground last season, it looks like in the season two premiere, she's still dealing with a bit of the trauma from the experience. Will she be able to destroy The Institute and salvage her relationship with the man who loves her most? 

See it all go down in the clip above! 

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