They did it!

Morgan Stewart and Brendan Fitzpatrick tied the knot on Sunday's #RichKids of Beverly Hills season four finale and it was an extremely emotional ceremony!

But before the couple's wedding took place, there was a ton of drama that went down on the episode. From Morgan leaving LA a week before her wedding to her emotional conversation with Dorothy Wang, the season finale was packed with shocking moments!

So take a look at the recap to see all of the jaw-dropping moments from the show and to find out all of the wedding details!



1. Dorothy Skips Morgan's Bridal Shower:

After their talk in Miami at Morgan's bachelorette party, Dorothy is still unsure if she wants to be a bridesmaid in Morgan's wedding. And on the day of Morgan's bridal shower, Dorothy is nowhere to be found.

Morgan explains that she feels "terrible" for what she said about Dorothy and "thought she might change her mind" and come to the shower but when she doesn't show up she says she's "hoping she's going to be a part of the bridal party."

2. Rain Threatens to Ruin Morgan & Brendan's Wedding:

Morgan and Brendan were planning to have their wedding outside, but when Brendan hears that there's rain in the weather forecast he has a "luxury tent" brought to their wedding location. When Morgan arrives to the wedding location and sees the tent, she's not pleased.

Back in December, Hollywood Medium's Tyler Henry actually predicted that there would be a change to their wedding and he was totally right!

Take a look at the video above to see Morgan react to the "luxury tent" idea!



3. Dorothy & Morgan Talk About Their Friendship:

After everything that happened between them, Dorothy and Morgan sit down to talk about their friendship in order to try to move forward.

Morgan tells Dorothy that what she said about her was  "f--ked up" and says "I'm sorry."

"It was not a malicious comment, I wasn't trying to take you down, I wasn't trying to hurt your feelings," Morgan explains.

"I know but I feel like you do things that are mean and that can make people feel bad about themselves all the time," Dorothy responds.

She then continues, "I just want you to know like how your actions as funny as they are and even though people are laughing that they do hurt people and you have to be accountable for them."

Morgan explains that it's the "first time" she's ever had to be accountable for her actions and tells Dorothy she wants them to continue being friends and she wants her to be in her wedding.

The two agree to take "baby steps" to get back to where their friendship was and Dorothy tells Morgan she wants to be in her wedding and "move forward."

The two then cheers and are able to share a laugh together.

4. Morgan Tells EJ Johnson She's Having a "Meltdown" About Her Wedding:

Morgan is lingerie shopping with EJ Johnson when she admits that she's having a "meltdown" about her wedding. Watch the clip above to see Morgan admit wedding planning has been "hard" for her!



5. Morgan Tells Brendan She Wants to Go to New York a Week Before Their Wedding:

With only a week before their wedding, Morgan tells Brendan she thinks she's having a "mental breakdown" and that she wants to go to New York to clear her head with EJ.

"I think it's just I need some alone time to go through everything I've been thinking for the past few months," Morgan explains.

"Who needs alone time a week before they're about to get married?" Brendan asks.

Morgan tells Brendan, "I need to go and like laugh."

"We're literally getting married in a week and she wants to go away for a few days?" Brendan asks. "Who wouldn't question this?"



6. Dorothy & Bianca Have a Heated Argument:

Jonny Drubel invites everyone to celebrate his birthday, including Dorothy and Bianca. When the two show up, they have a heated argument.

"I know that you only told me about what Morgan said when you felt like I was gonna end my relationship and my friendship with you," Dorothy tells Bianca.

She then tells Bianca that Morgan, "Doesn't purposely say things to hurt people and to cut people down, and she doesn't purposely manipulate situations like you have."

"You don't think?" Bianca asks.

"You've have bad intent behind everything that you've done," Dorothy tells Bianca.

Bianca then stands up to leave and tells Dorothy, "I can't do this anymore."



7. Morgan Leaves LA:

After her talk with Brendan, Morgan decides to still go to New York. While in the city, Morgan and EJ have a blast drinking and talking.

"With everything that's been going on I feel like being in New York right now in EJ is the perfect time for me to just have some fun," Morgan explains.

After talking about her wedding and having "a minute" to think, Morgan is "ready to get home and just get married and be with the person that I want to be with for the rest of my life."



8. Dorothy Spends Time With Her Ex:

Dorothy was seeing an NBA player, but they ended their relationship. On this episode, Dorothy's ex is in LA and they decide to meet up.

"This is the first time that Quincy and I are hanging out after we broke up," Dorothy says.

The two play a little basketball together and are able to talk as friends.

Dorothy thinks that they'll "still be in each other's lives" but for right now it's not romantic.

9: Brendan & Morgan Get Married:

After all of the planning and preparation, Morgan and Brendan's wedding is here!

The ceremony is beyond beautiful and had both the bride and groom in tears. After seeing Morgan walk down the aisle, Brendan said it "couldn't have been more perfect."

During her vows, Morgan called Brendan her "best friend" and broke down in tears, causing the entire audience to cry!

And then, in front of their family and friends, Morgan and Brendan said "I do" while the crowd cheered.

Watch the #RichKids of Beverly Hills drama continue in EJ's new spin-off series EJNYC!

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