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There was a major battle on Sunday's #RichKids of Beverly Hills!

On the episode, Morgan Stewart and her closest friends took a trip to Miami for her bachelorette party. But while the weekend was supposed to be all fun and games, the trip took a turn when Dorothy Wang told Morgan she heard what she said about her.

The two had an emotional talk and Dorothy explained that Bianca Espada told her "everything." After her talk with Morgan, Dorothy told Bianca to come to Miami, adding major fuel to the fire.

When Morgan found out that Bianca was in town, she confronted her for trying to "damage" her friendship with Dorothy and the two had a major verbal battle!

During their argument Morgan even told Bianca, "Go f--k yourself."

So how did their fight end?

Take a look at the recap to find out and to see more shocking moments from the latest #RichKids of Beverly Hills episode!

1. Morgan Gives the ''Saddest Lap Dance Ever'':

While in Miami for her bachelorette, Morgan's friends organize a scavenger hunt that leads Morgan to give a man a lap dance on a curb! While Morgan tries to do her best dance moves, EJ Johnson tells Morgan, "That was the saddest lap dance ever."

Take a look at the video above to see Morgan's moves!

2. Brendan Fitzpatrick Tries Botox on His Armpits:

It's almost time for Brendan Fitzpatrick and Morgan's wedding and in preparation, Brendan wants to get rid of his sweating problem. So Jonny Drubel takes him to get Botox in his armpits to help his sweating issues.

Watch the hilarious video above to see Brendan's Botox experience!

Morgan Stewart, RKOBH, RKOBH 407


3. Morgan Is Surprised With Strippers:

After the scavenger hunt, Morgan and her squad go to their hotel room to play some more bachelorette games. While in the hotel room, Morgan's friends tell her they're going to "order a pizza." But when the pizza man arrives, Morgan quickly realizes it's a stripper! Later on, two more strippers show up and one ends up dropping Morgan on the ground! Ouch!

Dorothy Wang, RKOBH, RKOBH 407


4. Dorothy Confronts Morgan:

After the strippers leave, Dorothy asks Morgan if they can talk. The two head outside and Dorothy tells Morgan, "I heard what you said about me."

"Bianca told me everything, OK?" Dorothy tells Morgan as she tries to hold back her tears. "I literally, like my heart dropped. I was like, 'What did I ever do?'"

Morgan then tells Dorothy, "A lot of the stuff I say is out of humor and bad taste sometimes and you know that and I'm sorry."

She then continues, "I'm telling you, like I very much care about you and I don't expect you to believe anything that I'm saying right now, but I'm really, again, I'm genuinely telling you I'm really sorry."

"I just don't know where we go from here," Dorothy tells Morgan before saying that she needs "time to process" everything.

Bianca Espada, Dorothy Wang, RKOBH, RKOBH 407


5. Dorothy Invites Bianca to Miami:

After her talk with Morgan, Dorothy calls Bianca to tell her what happened. Dorothy explains that she thinks Morgan was being "genuine" but she did tell her that she's "really disappointed" and doesn't know where they go from here.

She then tells Bianca that things are "weird" because she's in Miami at Morgan's bachelorette but things aren't "good" between them.

"They're leaving tomorrow, EJ and I are going to stay a day later, do you want to come to Miami?" Dorothy asks.

"If you feel like you need me and you want me to be there, I will come, show up and walk into to her bachelorette like 'sup?'" Bianca tells Dorothy.

EJ Johnson, RKOBH, RKOBH 407


6. Dorothy Tells EJ What Morgan Said About Her:

Dorothy wants EJ's opinion on the situation with Morgan, so she sits down with him to tell him what happened. She explains that she found out what Morgan said behind her back and EJ is shocked.

"It's really heavy and really hard situation to be in, even for me who is not physically involved it's even painful for me to even look on the outside because these are two of my very best friends and I love them both," EJ explains.

He tells Dorothy that the situation is "ugly" but that we all "say stupid things sometimes."

"I don't think that it means that your relationship is a lie," EJ tells Dorothy.

Dorthy then tells EJ she's "disappointed" in Morgan and she invited Bianca to Miami.

A surprised EJ tells Dorothy that Morgan has a "right to know" that Bianca is coming and explains that he doesn't "know if this is gonna go down the right way."

7. Morgan & Bianca Have an Explosive Argument:

After learning that Bianca is in town, Morgan says "there's no f--king way'' she's going to let Bianca "damage" her friendship with Dorothy. So she walks into the restaurant where Dorothy and Bianca are eating and confronts Bianca.

"I'm so honored you made it to my bachelorette," Morgan tells Bianca.

"I actually made it because Dorothy asked me to come for her," Bianca says.

The ladies then get into an explosive argument about their friendships with Dorothy.

Morgan then says, "Let me tell you something Bianca, let me make something very clear to you, you've had a problem with Dorothy, you've had a problem with me, you've had a problem with Brendan. I haven't disrespected you, that's what's nuts."

The two go back and forth and Bianca tells Morgan, "I don't care about you girl."

"You care about me so much because all you do is motherf--king speak about me," Morgan tells her.

Morgan then gets up to leave says, "Dorothy it's my bachelorette, I'm very sorry I talked s--t about you."

She then turns to Bianca and says, "You and I are done, don't talk about me."

"Bitch, there never was a you and I," Bianca tells Morgan.

"Oh you were dying for there to be a you and I," Morgan tells her.

"Oh bitch please," Bianca responds.

"Yeah bitch please, go f--k yourself," Morgan tells Bianca as she walks away.

When Morgan leaves Dorothy asks, "What the f--k just happened? Honestly."

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