Someone's not going to be happy about this!

On Sunday's episode of #RichKids of Beverly Hills, Bianca Espada flies to Miami to talk to Dorothy Wang about their friendship. The only problem is, Dorothy is in Miami for Morgan Stewart's bachelorette party, someone who Bianca doesn't get along with.

In this clip from the episode, Bianca reveals she doesn't think Dorothy should be in Morgan's wedding after the "hateful" things Morgan said about her.

Bianca explains, "I do not think that Dorothy should be in Morgan's wedding. How can she stand up there and like make a speech at her wedding, congratulating her and saying how happy she is for her after the hateful things Morgan has said about her?"

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, RKOBH, Bianca Espada, Morgan Stewart

Even though Dorothy admits she's still "hurt" and "upset" about what happened with Morgan, she isn't going to cut her out of her life.

"I'm just not really that vengeful of a person," Dorothy explains. "And just because someone hurts you doesn't mean that you need to go back and hurt them even more."

While Bianca and Dorothy are talking, Morgan walks in.

Watch the clip above to see how Morgan reacts to Bianca being in town during her bachelorette party!

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