"Botox buddy!"

It's almost time for Brendan Fitzpatrick and Morgan Stewart's wedding and Brendan is ready to end his "sweating problem" before their special day!

In this hilarious clip from Sunday's #RichKids of Beverly Hills, Jonny Drubel takes Brendan to get Botox so he won't have "wet marks" in his wedding pictures.

"I'm getting Botox in my armpits because I have a sweating problem, I'm getting married…I don't want every photo in the wedding album to have a wet mark here," Brendan explains.

Brendan Fitzpatrick, RKOBH, RKOBH 407


"Brendan sweats profusely," Jonny reveals. "And that's coming from someone who literally wakes up in a pile of sweat."

How does Brendan react to the cosmetic treatment?

Take a look at the video above to find out and to see Brendan talk about his sweating issues!

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