Let the games begin!

On Sunday's episode of #RichKids of Beverly Hills, Morgan Stewart, EJ Johnson, Dorothy Wang and the rest of Morgan's closest friends head to Miami for her bachelorette party.

In this clip from the episode, the group splits into two teams to compete in a scavenger hunt. Morgan is named one team captain while Dorothy is named the second.

"Bring it on!" Dorothy says.

The two are so competitive they're willing to do anything to win. Morgan even gives a man a lap dance on a curb!

"Can I give you a lap dance? Please!" Morgan asks the man. The man agrees and Morgan gives him a quick little dance.

Morgan Stewart, RKOBH, RKOBH 407


Even though Morgan tried to show off her skills, someone was not impressed with her moves.

"That was the saddest lap dance ever," EJ tells Morgan when she's done.

LOL, sorry Morgan!

Take a look at the clip above to see the teams compete in the hilarious scavenger hunt and then watch #RichKids this Sunday to see who wins!

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