Thomas Rhett has finally given fans what they've been asking for...a music video for "Life Changes."

On Tuesday, the country singer dropped the video for his latest single and it's everything we could've wanted and more.

Throughout the video you see Thomas Rhett's life at present tense which includes performing all over, hanging out with his band and of course spending time with all the ladies in his life.

The cutest part of this video is that since his life has changed—he's a husband and a father now—so much since his career first began we actually get to see all of his blessings

His wife Lauren Akins makes an appearance (although it's not her first time in one of his videos) as well as their two daughters. It's freaking adorable.

Now that we've been given another amazing video by the Tennessee native we have to ask, which one of the singer's music videos is the best of them all?

Cast your vote below and rock out to some country tunes as you make your choice.

"Life Changes"

"Life Changes" is all about Thomas Rhett's life being different than he could've ever imagined so of course this video had to show exactly what his life is currently like. It features his wife Lauren and the couple's two daughters Willa and Ada James on tour with the musician and it's just too cute.

"Leave Right Now" (Martin Jensen Mix)

The artist released the video for "Leave Right Now" in May and while not a lot happens in the video it is visually complex. There are a ton of color changes and speed changes as the country singer searches for a woman in a busy building and at a bar. It's a little clubby mixed with elegant wardrobe choices and we're into it.

"Marry Me"

Not only is "Marry Me" one of the Tennessee native's most loved songs but this video is amazing. It really tells the story about two friends who are clearly into one another, but instead of making a move the guy lets her slip away from him. It's a heartbreaking moment when you see her find love without him and yet it's totally relatable.

"Die A Happy Man"

If you want to love Thomas Rhett and his wife even more then you need to watch this video. Not only is the song about her and how much he loves her, but the video is so romantic. It shows the couple on a tropical vacation, dancing under the stars and living and loving everywhere they go. It's an absolute dream.

"Crash and Burn"

"Crash and Burn" shows a Thomas Rhett as one cool cat. After getting dumped in his car he dances, walks alongside his ride and even sits on the hood as it drives. It's a super fun video to watch even though he is technically getting dumped on repeat…even after trying to win her back with a boom box over the head move like John Cusack in Say Anything.

"It Goes Like This"

This video was released back in 2013 and it's pure baby Thomas Rhett in all his glory. He has longer hair and a scruffy face that you can't help but love as he sings. The story of this video is about finding love, little moments of romance and falling for someone hard, which we always enjoy watching.

"Get Me Some of That"

In between seeing Thomas Rhett sing in the "Get Me Some of That" video you see a man fall for a girl at a bar, which makes us believe in love at first sight once again. It continues as the man gets up the courage to talk to her but his path is blocked by a friend, a stage dive and a few party people. Oh, and Akins makes an appearance in this one too, which is so stinking cute.


Have you ever wanted to know what going on vacation would be like with the 28-year-old singer? Well, after watching this fun video you will have a much better idea. Spoiler alert: it's full of beach adventures, jumping out of planes and having way too much fun.

"Craving You" feat. Maren Morris

"Craving You" is definitely Thomas Rhett's most dramatic music video so far in his career. The video stars Maren Morris as the villain, who robs a bank and is a total badass. The country crooner on the other hand plays her villainous partner in crime who is actually an undercover cop leading a double life. The end has an epic twist and the whole thing is worth watching more than once.

"I Feel Good" feat. LunchMoney Lewis

The best part about this video is that it really just shows what Thomas Rhett's life is life. He simply wanders the streets of Nashville throughout the video while picking up flowers, stopping to say hi to people and sings to himself the whole time. It's a funny video about nothing really and yet we can't help but smile while watching.

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