Justin Timberlake, Cry Me a River

He's bringing sexy back, one year at a time!

Today, Justin Timberlake is turning 38 years old and we're officially feeling old too. We remember the days when Timberlake was the curly-haired (perm style) boy in *NSYNC and now he's married, has a son and turning 38! Where does the time go?

While we are still in shock that the "Man of the Woods" singer is actually nearing his 40s, we are happy that his birthday gives us a major reason to listen to his best songs and watch the best music videos he's ever case you needed another reason.

The Tennessee native is icon—we're not just talking about his 2001 denim on denim look—when it comes to the music industry, so there is a lot to look back at when talking about his song catalog.

That's why we did all the hard work for you and picked Timberlake's best music videos of all time for you to watch below.

Beginning with his days in NSYNC it was clear that Timberlake had a knack for making music videos to accompany his amazing songs. He can sing, dance and definitely knows how to put on a show.

That being said, some of his music videos are more entertaining while others tell dramatic stories that pull at our heartstrings. All of them are unique and worthy of a watch, but we want to know which one you like best.

Check out some of the singer's most memorable tunes and their epic videos now and then vote for your all-time favorite in honor of his birthday.

"Man of the Woods"

Timberlake proved he is a manly, outdoors man with this music video and we are grateful he did. While wearing a red flannel the singer enjoys the wilderness, a campfire, swinging from trees and of course dancing. Plus, Timberlake's gorgeous wife Jessica Biel makes a cameo on the dance floor in a log cabin so we are big fans of this video.

"Can't Stop the Feeling"

If you just want to dance then this video and song should be your jam. After Timberlake kicks off the video eating in a diner in Los Angeles you see a bunch of different characters dancing around. There is a dancer in the grocery store, at the barbers, at the car wash, donut shop and more. It's a total blast.


"Mirrors" is one of the more dramatic videos the Tennessee native has ever created. It tells the story of a couple who fell in love, had some bumps along the way, but ultimately lived and loved until one of them passed away. As the wife tries to deal with the lose of her husband, you see her look into different mirrors to see moments of their lives together and it's just so beautiful to watch.

"Cry Me a River"

Who doesn't love "Cry Me a River?" The song is iconic when it comes to Timberlake's music catalog and its video is just as recognizable. It shows the singer in a hoodie breaking into his love's home in the pouring down rain. He feels betrayed so he dances, then floats and eventually takes over the house before he films himself making out with a random girl and leaves it on the TV screen to hurt his ex. Talk about revenge!

"Suit & Tie" feat. Jay Z

Off of his The 20/20 Experience record, this song is sultry and smooth just like its video. It features Jay-Z and together the duo enjoys the good life in what feels like old Hollywood. The whole video is in black and white and features Timberlake performing at the Hollywood Bowl, dancing and being a smooth operator.

"Like I Love You"

"Like I Love You" brings us back to JT's early days as a solo artist and the video is so good. The singer rocks out in a 7-11 parking lot, dances to impress a girl and manages to make bandanas under hats attractive. Oh, and he shows us once again why he is such a great dancer when he takes his moves to the club. It's so old school, but it is one of our favorites.

"Say Something" feat. Chris Stapleton

Timberlake teamed up with Chris Stapleton for this track and together they made a killer song and video. It starts with the singer playing around with mixing equipment in a hotel that's under construction. As he sings, grabs his guitar and heads upstairs in a vintage elevator, Stapleton joins in singing on his guitar in the stunning venue. It's a very simple yet stunning video.

"What Goes Around...Comes Around"

The video for "What Goes Around…Comes Around" is more of a mini movie and it's so good. Throughout the video you see Timberlake meet Scarlett Johansson, woo her, fall in love and get his heart broken. They hook up, she pretends to drown in the pool, they perform in a gorgeous theater and live a wild lifestyle that both excites and terrifies the singer and in the end brings him pain and loss.


This futuristic video takes place in 2028 and features the artist as a bit of a tech genius. He puts on a show for a group of techies that shows how a robot can do human tasks like playing soccer and dancing better than we could've imagined. It's bizarre but super cool to see Timberlake control the robot as it moves.

"SexyBack" feat. Timbaland

Timberlake brings sexy back in spades during this video and we could watch it all day. The singer appears to be a secret agent in this video as he tracks a female spy, wears a dapper suit and makes moves only Timberlake could make. In the end he falls for the spy, but not before almost getting blown to pieces.

"Rock Your Body"

"Rock Your Body" is the ultimate dance video. It shows off the 38-year-old singer's dance skills while he performs in a room full of changing lights while wearing all white and rocking diamond earrings. It's JT at his finest.


"Señorita" transports you to Mexico and proves that Timberlake is sexy in any country. He performs alongside Pharrell in this video as a few saucy dancers teach him a thing or two about salsa dancing and grinding on the dance floor. If there is one thing we know about this video it's that it is super steamy.

"Bye Bye Bye" by *NSYNC

We know this is an NSYNC song, but the video is too good not to include. The boy band are puppets being toyed with by a woman from above in this video before they are cut loose and set free on a moving train. They also dance on the floor, walls and ceiling of a trippy room, run through an abandoned building an do the "bye bye bye" hand movement we do every time we hear this song.

Now that you've seen our favorite music videos from the birthday boy, make sure to cast your vote for the one you like best.

Happy birthday, Justin! We love you, your terrible hair from the '90s and every dance move you've ever done.

Justin Timberlake's Best Music Video
Which of Justin Timberlake's music videos is your go-to jam?
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