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Alert the papers: today is a national holiday! OK, it's not actually a national holiday, but it is Betty White's birthday, which if we're being honest should be a national holiday.

Betty freaking White turns 97 years old today and all we can say is, bravo.

The legendary actress has the longest television career of any female entertainer and on her birthday that should be celebrate. Quite frankly, we should be celebrating The Golden Girls alum on a regular basis, but since today is the day we were blessed with her being born, we will settle for honoring her in spades all day long.

As we try and wrap our heads around the fact that White is now 97, we have something for you to do in order to really get in the spirit of Betty White day. Yes, we just renamed January 17th as Betty White with it!

Since the iconic actress has been a Hollywood staple since the '50s when she nabbed her first big TV gig with Life With Elizabeth—her first role was in 1945 in the short film Time to Kill—there are a lot of roles we've seen her embody and bring to life.

Over the years, White has starred on TV show after TV show including memorable series like The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Love Boat, The Golden Girls, Boston Legal and most recently Hot in Cleveland.

While we like each of these shows on their own, each series was enriched by White's presence for either its entirety or just a few episodes. She is truly a living legend and that's why we have to celebrate her birthday by looking back at all of her best roles.

Although White is known for her TV roles, she has had some hilarious movie moments as well including You Again and The Proposal. To see all of her best roles ever keep reading. Make sure to weigh in on which of the birthday girl's show or film roles is your all-time favorite below.

Happy birthday, Betty! We love you, your humor and your white curls!

Betty White, Life with Elizabeth

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Betty White, Date with the angels

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Betty White, The Mary Tyler Moore Show

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Betty White, The Betty White Show

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Betty White, The Love Boat

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Betty White, Mama's Family

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Betty White, The Golden Girls

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Betty White, The Golden Place

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Betty White, Maybe this time

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Betty White, Ladies Man

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Betty White, That 70s Show

20th Century Fox Television

Betty White, Boston Legal

Ron Tom/ABC via Getty Images

Betty White,

Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

Betty White, The Proposal

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Kristen Bell, You Again

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Betty White, Hot in Cleveland

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Bones, Betty White


Betty White's Best Roles
Which of Betty White's roles over the years is the most iconic?
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