Khloe and Lamar

On Sunday, April 15 only on E! watch as Kim comes to visit Khloé and Lamar in Dallas only to find out how stressed they both are.

While out to dinner, a rare occurrence for the busy Maverick and his wifey, Kim asks Lamar how he's adjusting to his new life in Dallas. She gets more than she bargained for as Lamar opens up and explains, "I was comfortable and then somebody tells you just one day to pick up and go, and you're uncomfortable."

Kim senses the couple's unease with the transition and tries to smooth things over by saying, "It's always when you step outside of your comfort zone—is when you grow in life. You've gotten into this groove for 7 years with the Lakers. I don't know much about basketball, but it sounds like you're psyching yourself out."

Lamar seems to really hear and understand this, because he reveals, "I think I let myself get a little depressed, so I've gotta get my mind to that point of ‘I love being here. Go out and play hard, good things are happening.'"

Then, when Khloé tries to change the subject and brings up an earlier conversation she had with Kim about Kourtney's pregnancy, things get even more awkward. Turns out, Lamar experienced a split second of jealousy at the news, and thought, "Damn, they get to have another baby and I don't."

Want to hear how Khloé handles the news that her Lam wants a baby? Will Kim's visit be a blessing or cause for more stress on the already stretched-thin pair?

Tune in for an all new episode on April 15 at 10/9c only on E!

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