From one daughter to another...

It was less than six months ago Kylie Jennerbrought her firstborn home from the hospital. As Kris Jennerrecently revealed, history repeated itself in a way for the 20-year-old new mom. 

During a wide-ranging interview on Fox's OBJECTified, the Kardashian matriarch recalled to Harvey Levin how she brought all six of her children home from the hospital in nightgown sets she would buy for each kid. 

On the show, she shared the sweet, printed version Kylie was dressed in to go home in August 1997, including the gown and matching bonnet, cap and blanket. Two decades later, the new mom dressed baby Stormi Websterin that same outfit to go home. 

"I gave all of her baby stuff to her when she got pregnant with Stormi and Stormi wore it home from the hospital," Kris said. 

Kylie Jenner, Stormi Webster


During the sit-down, no subject was off limits as Jenner recalled growing up close to her grandparents, working in the family candle shop, meeting Robert Kardashian Sr., having an affair and their divorce, meeting Caitlyn Jennerand having her last two children, Kendall Jennerand Kylie. 

"I still had that dream of six kids," Kris told Levin despite financial hardships for the family at that time. "I really wanted more babies."

The matriarch also confirmed that not all of her children immediately took to their new stepfather after Kris married Jenner in 1991. 

As she recalled, "Kourtney [Kardashian] wore black for a year."

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