Kris Jenner is making some silly tipsy phone calls again!

On Sunday's Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kris and Khloe Kardashian enjoy a day of bonding while wine tasting. Things go off the rails when the buzzed duo decide to prank call a hotel.

"Hello, can I please have Khloe Kardashian's room?" Kris asks become the lady working says they don't have a guest by that name. "Oh that's wild! I think she's under a, I don't know another name. I think it's like Funny Bunny or Fred Flinstone. That's the two that I know she normally goes under."

Kris' second call is to a bakery and she inquires about what pastries Khloe buys there. After an interesting chat about rhubarb, Kris asks the gentleman about a good "toeologist" because her feet hurt.

Believe it or, not man is a total sport throughout the ridiculous call!

Watch the clip to see the debauchery go down.

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