Lamar Odom just dropped a bombshell about Khloe Kardashian on Sunday's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

While talking to Scott Disick about his recovery, Scott asked him how he's doing and Lamar said he's "taking it day by day."

"You ain't calling any of your old friends?" Scott asked.

Lamar tells Scott that he isn't and revealed, "I mean I can't really take the risk, you know what I'm saying? I can't really do that to that girl again."

Even though she just filed for divorce again, Khloe has played a major role in Lamar's recovery. Since his hospitalization, Khloe has been by Lamar's side, helping him get better and it sounds like he doesn't want to put her through something like that again.

What else did Lamar reveal about his recovery?

Take a look at the recap to find out and to see more shocking moments from the latest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians!

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1. Caitlyn Jenner Presents Kim Kardashian With a "Butt" Statue:

Caitlyn Jenner bought Kim Kardashian a hilarious present!

While visiting Kim, Caitlyn tells her the reason she came over is because she "saw something" and "immediately thought" of Kim.

She takes Kim outside and unveils a wooden butt statue! Caitlyn tells Kim she can even have a wine glass mounted on the butt statue like her infamous Paper magazine cover.

Kim tells Caitlyn she "loves" the statue, but when Caitlyn turns the statue around she notices something.

"Oh, I think they need to shave off a little bit of that vagina there," Kim says. "It's like halfway in-between."

"Yeah it kind of does, doesn't it?" Caitlyn asks. "Well that's kind of you know me…I don't…but anyway. Yeah…maybe it's me I don't know."

Kim starts laughing and says, "It's a mix. Oh my God I can't cry off all my makeup."

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2. Kendall Jenner Says It's "F--ked Up" When Paparazzi "Ruins" Her & Kris Jenner's Tour of Rome:

Kendall Jenner and Kris Jenner are playing tourist in Rome when they spot paparazzi.

"Oh there's a pap, we're dead," Kris tells Kendall.

"Are you serious?" Kendall asks.

"Yup, we should go," Kris tells her.

Kris then says, "Even a single paparazzi can turn into 50 paparazzi and ruin an entire day. I think everyone in my family has thick skin and everyone handles paparazzi differently. But Kendall's the one kid who's so sensitive towards it, it really brings her down and I always feel so bad when she feels trapped. But it's better to leave now before it gets too crazy."

When they get back in the car to leave, Kendall is visibly upset.

"OK well take a deep breath and don't let it ruin…don't let someone else control your destiny," Kris tells Kendall.

"No that's really f--ked up and so annoying," Kendall replies.

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3. Scott Explains Why He Didn't Attend Kanye West's Yeezy Show:

Kourtney Kardashian's ex Scott is spending time with her sisters Kim and Khloe when they ask him about bailing on Kanye West's Yeezy Season 3 Fashion Show.

"You know I feel like you guys have never really been doing what I'm doing with Kourt and you know she doesn't really talk and communicate that much," Scott says. "I said, 'Do you want to go out to dinner? Do you want to do this?' She would always say, 'No.' So I felt like I was overstepping my boundaries."

Scott continues, "So I was like, 'You know what dude I don't want to go to this f--king show, that's gonna be in every f--king show publication and I'm gonna be standing there like the f--king tag along.' I just felt like, what am I doing? I don't want to be like chasing my old family around either, it's hard for me, we've been together 10 years."

"But you're not chasing us, why do we have to even separate?" Khloe asks.

"It's a big f--king divide, it's tough," Scott says.

Khloe says she does "sympathize" with Scott and "no matter what" he's always going to be a part of their family and she doesn't want him to feel like they've "abandoned" him.

Scott then tells Kim, "Kim, I don't know if you're aware but I told Kanye like the reason why I didn't make it to the show. I didn't want to just stand there in the crowd with her and then everybody's like assuming, 'Oh they're back together!'"

"Oh so let me and Lamar have that title!" Khloe says.

"I mean…yeah," Scott jokes.

4. Lamar & Scott Talk About Their Recoveries:

Both Lamar and Scott attend a family event celebrating the birthday of the late Robert Kardashian.

While at the dinner, Scott seems a little upset and leaves the table after admitting it's "sad" and "hard" for him because he doesn't know where he fits in with the Kardashians.

After seeing Scott leave, Lamar follows him to see how he's doing.

"What's good?" Lamar asks Scott.

"Nothing at all," Scott replies. "How's the new house?"

"It's alright," Lamar says.

Scott asks Lamar if he's been "sleeping alright" and Lamar tells him that's all he's been doing.

"I was super scared when I came and saw you in the hospital," Scott admits. "Do you remember everything?"

Lamar tells Scott he remembers "being scared half to death."

"I couldn't handle it I left," Scott tells Lamar. "I was like, ‘I can't see this man like this.' I just felt like you were just dying to talk but you couldn't and you didn't know what to do."

"I was, I was trapped in my body," Lamar says. "Couldn't even say 'excuse me' or 'thank you.'"

When Scott asks how he is, Lamar says he's "taking it day by day."

"You ain't calling any of your old friends?" Scott asks.

Lamar says he isn't and tells Scott, "I mean I can't really take the risk, you know what I'm saying? I can't really do that to that girl again."

5. Khloe Tells Scott "I'm Gonna Punch You in Your F--king Jugular":

After witnessing Scott's "depressed" behavior at the birthday dinner for her dad, Khloe reveals how she really feels about Scott.

Watch the video above to see Khloe admit she told Scott, "I'm gonna punch you in your f--king jugular."

6. Kylie Jenner Feels Like She Missed Out on a "Normal" Life:

After telling her sisters that she's "over this life" of being in the public eye, Kylie Jenner decides that she wants to go undercover on a Hollywood Tours ride.

Kendall and Khloe agree to go undercover with her, but before they can go on the tour they need disguises. So the trio meets with a makeup artist to help them create the perfect disguise.

Take a look at the video above to see the trio meet with the makeup artist and to see Kylie admit she missed out on a "normal" life!

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7. Khloe Confronts Scott About His Behavior:

Khloe sits down with Scott after seeing how he acted at the birthday celebration and lets him know how she feels.

"So how are you feeling? Better?" Khloe asks.

"Yeah," Scott tells her.

"Because you were pretty down the other day," Khloe says.

"I mean I feel like I always have ups and downs, you know what I mean?" Scott says. "That's what kind of sucks about me. Like one day I feel good, one day I feel bad and it's like, it's tough."

Khloe then tells Scott, "I felt like someone like held a gun to your head to be there. We want you to come around us and just not have your guards up or if you are trying to have your own life and be separated, then that's fine too."

"Absolutely not," Scott tells Khloe. "I think sometimes it's difficult being around like you and everybody because it reminds me of old times."

Khloe tells Scott that he is a part of the family and she wants him to hang out with them and to see him "smiling" more and "not be so moody."

8. Khloe, Kendall and Kylie Go Undercover:

To go on the Hollywood Tours ride, the trio gets dressed up in disguise.

Khloe is dressed up as a 79-year-old grandmother from Albequere, New Mexico named Dolores, while Kendall and Kylie are Natalie and Sam Johnson, Dolores' grandchildren.

After having the makeup and prostethics put on, the trio heads to the tour. But even though they're dressed up in disguise, the paparazzi still spot them and start taking pictures!

So instead of letting them have the first pics of their disguises, the trio starts to post videos and photos on Snapchat while they're on the tour.

But when things start to get a little crazy with paparazzi and fans, the trio hops off the tour at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

So even though the mission might've been somewhat of a "fail" Kendall admits that doing something like this and "laughing" at the situation does make it a little easier to live with the paparazzi and all of the craziness in their lives.

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