My teenage years are further back than I'd like to admit, but some of my fondest memories from that time are winter adventures with my closest friends where we would snowboard on weekends, bouncing from hill to hill throughout the season, pushing each other to do better park tricks and indulging in (all of the) hot chocolate on our breaks to warm up. Somewhere along the way I entered adulthood and found that I didn't enjoy being cold, being wet and simply braving the winter elements outside as much as I used to. Essentially I got a little lazy.

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When I found out that part of our It List: California Dreaming special would have a segment in Lake Tahoe where we would get to snowboard; you can imagine how thrilled my inner teenager was at the thought of snowboarding in none other than CALIFORNIA. The day was everything I could have imagined and more; Lake Tahoe had just been hit with an obnoxious amount of snow, making the snowboarding conditions 10/10, our guides were friendly, passionate, and brought me to Narnia-like wooded areas for some of the most magical snowboarding of my life, and the ski-hill hot chocolate was just as yummy as I remembered. The cherry on top to all of this was that my co-host, Tyrone, decided that he would take advantage of being in Lake Tahoe and having access to guides, to learn how to snowboard for the very first time. If you snowboard, you know that it is not an easy feat to learn, the first few days are filled with frustration, sore butts and very little speed. The fact that Tyrone was aware of this, and still decided to go ahead and learn a new skill in front of colleagues while being filmed on camera, was incredible! Not only was I impressed at his gusto, but he killed it, he slayed that bunny hill like no one else that day. 

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After a wicked day on the slopes, we headed back to Hotel Becket for some much deserved apres-ski libations and yummy snacks at the hotel restaurant, Ten Crows. The chef there has "blessed hands" as Tyrone so eloquently put, with a flare for southern comfort foods that we thoroughly enjoyed. My personal favourites were the chicken wings and the rack of ribs, definitely order them next time you find yourself in Lake Tahoe, trust me on this you will not regret it. Sitting by the fire pit on the outdoor deck of the restaurant, glass of wine in hand, tummy's full from dinner, Tyrone and I reflected on our day's adventures and couldn't stop smiling from ear to ear. There is something magical about being surrounded by snowcapped mountains in a state that's mostly known for its' warm weather and palm trees, it feels like you've discovered a big secret by being there; well, the secret is out! Go experience the beauty of Mother Nature and the kindness of the precious people who call Lake Tahoe home.

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