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It's Ice and Coco's 11th wedding anniversary—cue round of applause—so what's a rapper-actor and his model-actress-hottie wifey to do? Fly to Hawaii, natch.

Coco is a little on edge though because, as Ice explains, "Usually when we travel, Coco handles everything...and me being in charge is driving her crazy."

Things are off to a great start when they arrive at their Hawaiian villa, which has an infinity pool, sweeping views, and best of all Kealoha. "Everybody that I talked to said this is the man, he makes it happen, he's the go to man in Hawaii," Ice says of Kealoha. "You always need a person with connections."

The connections Kealoha brings include a surfing trip, waterfall excursion, and zip lining. Ice sits most of the activities out, letting Coco do the heavy lifting because, "She likes to try everything," he says. "I, on the other hand, like to watch her try…I stay at a safe distance so I can call the ambulance."

The one thing Ice is willing to do is zip line, and before the pair are fastened into a harness he says, "We do a lot of dangerous things together, but doing that with a partner is a rush. You're really risking your life, but you're risking your life together. It's kind of like a weird bonding moment."

It's also a trip of realizations. Because even though Ice thought he knew the island before their anniversary trip, it's the first time he's gone with Coco, and it has turned out to be a totally unique experience. "Coco, this whole trip I've been telling you this is my island, I lived here for 4 years," Ice says as they eat shrimp on the beach. "I really never saw the island until I came with you. I didn't have a beautiful woman to kick it with. I didn't see the sunsets. I didn't see the beach."

But Coco hasn't experienced the part of Hawaii that Ice knew during his time in the military, and she asks her hubby to take her to the old barracks where he was stationed.

"I hadn't been back to this base since I left 30 years ago, and it's bringing back a lot of memories," Ice said. "I'm really glad Coco asked me to come back, it was really cool talking to these soldiers…It's a part of my life forever."

After watching Ice on the base—taking orders, showing her where he slept and ate—Coco felt like the experience had changed her too. "It's amazing that after 11 years we're still learning new things about each other," she said.

Come sundown Ice and Coco are back at the villa, the tiki torches have mysteriously been lit and a luau waits in the backyard. It's the one thing she wanted to experience in Hawaii, and Ice was able to give that to her. "I listen to you, even when you think I'm not listening," Ice says. "Doing special things for your mate is the way to keep a relationship fresh…I don't think there's any reason 11 years into a relationship that has to end."

Aww! What an amazing way to end such an epic anniversary vacay—looks like our man Ice has some serious skills.

Want to see what happens on next week's Ice Loves Coco? Tune in to E! on Sunday, April 22 at 10:30/9:30c for an all new episode.

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