Ice Loves Coco

Everyone's life was about to change on this week's episode of Ice Loves Coco—even Spartacus' as he embarked on being a father for the first time!

While Coco may, admittedly, have been going overboard with the puppy planning—throwing a shower for the baby mamma, Winnie, and investing in doggy massages for Spartie—Ice laid down some truth about what really happened. "Coco, he sniffed it, he hit it, he got her pregnant, that's what dog's do." Fair enough.

Meanwhile, what Ice does is work on his documentary film, The Art of Rap, which is his directorial debut that he planned to submit to the Sundance Film Festival. "This is the way I can give back to the culture that really allowed me to do all the things I've done with my career," he explained.

And Coco has her own agenda for the festival, natch, "I'm excited too because I can wear all my snow bunny outfits!" Her wish came true when Ice got a very important phone call.

"The greatest news in the world for me right now is that my movie made it into Sundance," he says. "The bad part is they say I need to cut an hour out of this film. That's very difficult because these are all my friends, but it has to be done."

While Ice gets to work on making the tough cuts, Coco gets a call of her own—and this one's from a director who wants to meet her at Sundance to discuss a movie role! Even though Coco is excited to meet Rusty Cundieff, she already has apprehensions about the possibility of traveling for the role—remember, she can't be away from her hubby for more than 24 hours!

Before any big decisions have to be made and the couple heads off to Utah, Ice admits, "All I can do is hope the people at Sundance like it. I put my heart and soul into this film, I'm on pins and needles, I'm nervous as hell."

Luckily, there's not much time for nerves, as the pair make press appearances and do interviews for the film.

Meanwhile, Coco goes off on her own to meet with Rusty, the director who wants her for the starring role in a vigilante action film. "I never really wanted to be an actress," Coco explains. "But being a part of Sundance—it gets you excited—it gets your juices flowing." Only problem? The film shoots in Arizona for two months, and that means a long time away from Ice. Yikes!

Coco has some time to think it over, as she and Ice have to focus on the screening of The Art of Rap. Nerves are at an all time high as the theater is packed and the lights dim. But after the film ends, people stand and clap for the film and for Ice. Success!

Before they head home, away from the snow and back to Spartacus, Coco has a heart to heart with her man about the role she was offered. "I have always put my relationship first—my marriage first," she says. "Ice and I's relationship is bigger than the world to me, and I don't want anything to ruin that…my relationship is much bigger than a movie."

In the end, Coco decides to stand by her man rather than pursuing the film. To which Ice says, "I got your back…How about this? We could do a movie together. We could do Mr. and Mrs. Ice, like Brad and Angelina. You could become a big movie star, and then I could retire, and I could just concentrate on Xbox in your trailer."

What will happen to the happy couple next? Tune in next week to find out!

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