Ice Loves Coco

Ice is a grandfather? Coco is about to be made a Godmother? There's something called a hip-hop Yoda?

We found out all these things and more this week on Ice Loves Coco, when Kristy called to ask her sister and Ice to be the Godparents to their children.

Ice isn't particularly religious, but says, "I believe all religions basically break down to are you a good person or a bad person." And when he consults with his Law & Order family, they tell him it makes sense that he'd be a great Godfather because he's wise, like a hip-hop Yoda. We can see that!

While ice skating with Coco, Ice calls his son, Little Ice—how appropriate—and says, "Even though Little Ice lives in California and we live in New Jersey, I try and call Ice everyday. Even if we just talk for five minutes, it's a little thing but it makes me feel real good."

Since the baptism for Kristy and Derrick's kids will take place on the same weekend as Little Ice's birthday, Big Ice arranges for both families to meet in Arizona.

Turns out Kristy has one more favor up her sleeve and she asks that if anything should happen to her and Derrick, that Ice and Coco would take responsibility for the kids. It's a heavy question, but the couple isn't given much time to mull the thought over before Ice's family arrives.

There's his daughter and first born, LeTesha, her son and Ice's grandson, Ely'jah, 16, the birthday boy, Little Ice, who's turning 20-years-old and his girlfriend, Jasmine.

"She's pretty," Coco says, remembering that Little Ice recently had his heart broken. "This will be interesting."

While Ice goes off to bond with his daughter and grandson, Coco takes it upon herself to get a better sense of just who Jasmine is, "I'm warming up to this girl, but I'm still going to keep an eye on her."

Looking out for the family is one of Ice's top priorities while in Arizona, one that he's becoming more invested in. "Being here for Little Ice's birthday really let's me see how beautiful it is to have a family," he said. "Early in my life I was too bent on just making it, now I've slowed down a lot and it's given me a chance to kinda get them all together and I was really enjoying this evening."

Maybe that experience helped to soften Ice to the idea of adding more responsibility to his plate. As Coco asked Ice to think about whether or not they could realistically take on her sister's children in the event of a tragedy, he ended up revealing, "I know firsthand that parents can die young, both my parents were gone by the time I was 12, taking on someone else's kids is a serious decision."

Kristy and Derrick's children were baptized and Ice became the official Godfather, while Coco dubbed herself the "Godmomma." They told Coco's family that they would always be there for the three kids, "It's an honor and there's no way we'd say no," Ice said.

What will happen next week when Ice's movie makes it into Sundance? Tune in next week to find out!

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