They say love is eternal.

And for Top Chef host Padma Lakshmithat sentiment rings true as she connects to her late lover, Teddy, in this clip from Wednesday's Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry.

"He was my lover and his name was Teddy and we were never married nor did we live together, but he was sick for a lot longer than we knew," an emotional Padma tells Tyler Henry.

"I'm sorry. That's hard," Tyler says quietly.

Padma recalls the moment Teddy's health took a turn for the worse.

"I remember the phone call and I remember asking, 'What time did he actually die?' Because the night before, I had like an alarm bell go off in my head and I called over to his house to say, 'I can come over right away.' And I felt like I thought, you know," Padma trails off.

Padma Lakshmi, Hollywood Medium 305


While Tyler acknowledges what a difficult moment that must have been, he assures Padma that her late lover is at peace.

"When he comes through, there's this feeling of freedom from this, not being limited to that physical state anymore and I think that that's really important for you to know. He is OK. He is at peace," Tyler insists. "When he comes through, he has such an awareness of the love that's there for you."

Watch the moving moment in the clip above.

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