When he's right, he's so right!

In this clip from the season premiere of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, Tyler Henry connects with Kristin Cavallari's brother Mike. Within seconds, Tyler is able to validate that Mike's struggle with substance abuse ultimately contributed to his death.

"They're having me talk about two factors playing on someone's mental state. But there's an acknowledgement with this of more of an emphasis on the drugs and alcohol than even as the mental illness thing. It's when we go down the drugs and alcohol route, it's kind of like, ‘there's no saving me.' That kind of triggered or kicked off some things," Tyler reveals.

For Kristin and her parents who were watching in the next room, Tyler's revelation really hit home.

"That's like so accurate. Mike dealt with we think, Bipolar disorder. He would go into these manias and think that everything's great, everything's fine and then he would just crash and would be depressed. And it was just this constant up and down, up and down. And then you throw drugs and alcohol into the mix and it would just enhance everything. And it went on for years. He was dealing with some demons. There's no doubt about it," Kristin explains.

Watch Kristin open up about her late brother's struggles in the clip above.

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