Awkward alert!

After refusing to participate in Dr. Darcy Sterling's relationship challenge, Aubrey O'Day is the only celebrity left without a date for a romantic boat party on tonight's all-new episode of Famously Single. So, what does she do? She crashes everyone else's—and Brandi Glanville is especially pissed!

"I'm shocked at how together he is and how mature he is," Brandi gushes about her date, Preston. "You don't find guys that look like him, that are 25, that have their s--t together like that. And then, Aubrey walks up and just interrupts the whole thing. It was so uncomfortable!"

Aubrey invades their conversation and starts asking Preston a bunch of questions as Brandi watches the exchange in the disbelief. But the former Danity Kane singer eventually gets offended and leaves after he asks what she does.

"She was shocked that this guy didn't know who she was," Brandi explains. "She was so turned off by that comment that she walked away. She believes her own hype and she doesn't know any other way of living."

Watch the clip to see what happens when Aubrey crashes even more dates!

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