Brotherly love! 

On the season finale of Eric & Jessie, Jessie James Decker is throwing her little sister Sydney Rae Bass a baby shower and Eric Decker crashes the party. 

"Girls only!" Jessie's mom jokes before letting Eric in the house for the baby shower. "Eric loves Sydney so much," Jessie dishes about the sweet bond between her hubby and her little sis. 

Things get a little emotional for Eric! When he goes over to feel Syd's baby bump, he gets a little bit overwhelmed. "Is he getting teary eyed?" Jessie asks. "That one eye got teary eyed. Yes it did!" 

Aww! Eric definitely has a soft spot for his "little sis" Sydney. "He knows I've wanted this so badly," Sydney shares. "I've played mom and played house with you guys but now it's finally my turn to really be a mom." 

See the cute moment in the clip above! 

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