Does Jason Kennedy have a future as a makeup artist?

After watching this YouTube makeup tutorial, we're thinking that's highly unlikely. In the video above, Jason convinced his E! News co-host Giuliana Rancic to be his model while he attempted both a smoky cat eye and lip contour.

"Who's smoky? Who's smoky?" Kennedy joked while applying makeup.

"Not me," Giuliana retorted.

It's a good thing Jason and Giuliana are longtime friends and co-workers as this makeover turned out hilariously bad. "You know it's scary when the makeup artist says, 'You're going to be okay,'" Bill Rancic's wife quipped.

Not only did Jason fail to create a look "perfect for a date night," the E! personality also accidentally poked his reluctant model right in the eye.

"You thought this was a joke, but this actually looks fantastic," a confident Jason stated as he applied a large amount of eye shadow. "This is perfect and then there—you go right above it. It's good, huh?"

After Jason compared Giuliana to Rocky Balboa, the red carpet maven advised her pal to try fixing his errors with foundation. Sadly, the situation took a dire turn when Jason went overboard with the eyeliner.

"Jason, no! I look like a superhero," the mother of one cried out.

Despite being out of his element, Jason powered through the tutorial and moved on to Giuliana's lips. "I gotta be honest, a lot of red lip…I don't like it," Jason relayed to the camera. "I think you have to do it in a way that's aesthetically pleasing."

Ironically, Jason wasn't able to follow his own advice as Giuliana ended up with a clown-esque look. "Is this clown night? Is it date night with the clown?" the exasperated entertainment journalist declared. "Or am I going to Ringling Barnum & Bailey Brothers?"

Although Jason tried to defend his work, Giuliana was left thoroughly unimpressed. Watch the hilarious makeover go down for yourself in the video above!

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