Is this an ad for vitamin B or just Devin at dinner?

The 32-year-old hair model has the whole room swooning in this clip from Tuesday's new Dating #NoFilter, which picks up as he and blind date Lauryn are sitting down to eat. Two sips of a mimosa later and the former pageant queen is getting to the bottom of this whole hair modeling situation because seriously, what is that like?

"Do they make you whip it around?" she asks, with a nod to Devin's almost waist-length mane.

He says yes—obviously—before murmuring something about fans and movement until Lauryn cuts back in with a follow-up question. "Is it too much to ask if I…" she trails off, since it's hard to know the right way to ask someone for an on-command hair flip when you're both in the middle of a public restaurant and also on a blind date with each other.

"Ask for like a whip?" he smiles. Has Devin heard this one before?

Unclear, though the ethereal string of hair flips that follows seems to at least confirm he's had lots of practice. We'll probably see Devin in a shampoo commercial after this.

"Thank you for sharing with me. That was amazing," Lauryn tells him, and date number two seems like a done deal until the food comes and it's revealed her match is vegan.

"That's lame," notes comedian Steve Furey of Devin's very green salad while co-commentator Monroe Martin groans.

Was Devin's "whip" silky-smooth enough to earn him a repeat rendezvous with Lauryn?

Replay the mesmerizing moment as many times as you'd like—and see Zach Noe Towers try to recreate it himself—in the clip above!

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